Communications Services

Marketing Strategy & Messaging for Nonprofit Growth & Development
Positioning for Funders & Sponsors • Audience Targeting
School Admissions Growth • Forging Partnerships
Product, Program & Campaign Launches
Media Partnerships • Client & Box Office Growth
Writing & Design Direction • Social Networking Strategy
Job Descriptions & Coaching for In-House Marketing Staff

What we do:

  • Goal Setting

    Understand what you can achieve at your nonprofit through better outreach. Give yourself concrete targets and realistic expectations so that you can create and recognize success. “We want more people to know about our work” sets you up for frustration. “We want to generate more engagement among funders of our core programs” or “We want to sell more tickets/increase workshop attendance/gain traction to replicate our programs in five more cities” all give you approachable targets and benchmarks. Big success is built upon many small successes!

  • Marketing communications audits

    We analyze your existing messages, messengers and communications tools so you have a deep understanding of what you are really saying and what your return on investment really looks like.

  • Marketing communications plans

    We recommend how to streamline your outreach efforts so you can tell your story to likely audiences as effectively and efficiently as possible. The result: a blueprint for action that you can implement in-house or with my collaboration.

  • Branding & organizational messaging

    We lead the process to identify your nonprofit organization’s promise to funders and clients. We hone your language and storytelling. We direct creative strategy. And we craft communications that work.

  • Growing audiences

    We determine your audience opportunities, especially through social media and strategic partnerships. We help you learn more about key audiences through data collection. We devise easy-to-sustain systems and templates for outreach.

  • Increasing earned income

    We explore opportunities for expanding nonprofit revenue streams. Targeting partners, funders and clientele, we can recommend and execute cost-effective strategies.

  • Launching a new product /service

    In collaboration with you, we design your new program/service, positioning it for collaborative partnerships and corporate sponsorships. We build audience interest and launch the product/service online, in print and in the media.

  • Positioning for corporate sponsorship

    We evaluate and price what the organization could offer a sponsor (and vice-versa). We research your corporate sponsorship and cause-marketing prospects. We develop your case for nonprofit sponsorship and create supporting materials.

  • Online engagement

    We can help you explore your best opportunities to use social networking (blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc) and your website to solidify your relationships with your audience and to reach out to new consumers.

  • Creative services

    We write and produce brochures, advertising, promotions, sales kits, capital campaign presentations, web sites and other collateral materials.

  • Strategic counsel

    We serve as your advisor and sounding board for your in-house marketing efforts and decision-making. We provide perspective on your marketing plans, and help you brainstorm to make sure you are considering all the options as effectively as possible.

  • Staff coaching

    Do you have a communications staffperson who would benefit from mentoring and perspective? We can help you cultivate your staff’s strengths on occasional or a regular basis. For many nonprofits with small staffs, or with no other communications professionals for your staff to use as a thought partner, bringing NLA in as a coach can help you make the most of the in-house resources you have.