Methods: How We Collaborate

As the principal consultant of Nicole Lamberg & Associates, I work directly with each client. You always get me.

When you need additional services, you also get the rest of my network: social media experts, market researchers, web developers and graphic designers…or I can collaborate with your in-house experts if you prefer. You don’t pay for a big firm when your needs are specific: with Nicole Lamberg & Associates, you get the agency you need at the scale you need it, not more.

  • Strategic Marketing for Development and Audience Growth
    Organizations usually prefer to bring me in at the strategic level in order to help determine directions and evaluate the best use of budgets. I find that this results in the most effective solutions, tailored to that organization’s unique needs.The first step is often goal-setting: why do you want to embark upon a marketing effort, and what benefits do you hope to create? Not sure? We can figure this out together.The next step is often a thorough review of your existing materials and messaging. Why? To discover whether your messages match your mission, audience and fundraising goals and, if not, to help you evaluate what is out of step and how to bring them all into alignment. We’ll then take a look at how you get your messages out — the materials and messengers that work on your behalf — and how to make sure you have the most effective range of tools possible.

    From marketing plans to return-on-investment evaluation to strategic partnerships to online engagement, I can help you weave your communications efforts deeply into the fabric of your organization, making sure that what you say will truly resonate with your funders and stakeholders. I can lead you to understand the variables and consider all the possibilities so you can make the best-informed choice. Then I can help you determine what aspects of execution your staff could handle in-house, as well as what I can create or simplify for you.

  • Project and Campaign Marketing
    Sometimes you just need to supplement the skills in your office for a specific program or campaign. Sometimes you want to breathe a bit of fresh air into your materials or have an outside sounding-board. I can take on your discrete projects, such as launching a new product or fundraising campaign, reaching out to a specific new audience, or providing ongoing counsel to your in-house staff.
  • Interim Communications Support
    Covering the gap while you hire a new marketing staffer? Preparing for an extended employee absence, such as maternity leave? I can step in or arrange for one of my associates to fill a staff role on a short-term or part-time basis.