Brands come alive through compelling language, engaging images and effective proof-points. This portfolio of examples may give you a clearer sense of how NLA has helped recent clients attract attention to their brands.

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Brookline Community Mental Health Center
Report on Giving

an eight-page, first-ever annual report that both thanks donors and affirms the Center’s leadership role in the community. The “window” imagery echoes the Center’s logo icon while positioning the Center as the entry point to knowledge. The concept of “Well-Being” enables the Center to assert a positive, community-wide benefit, a counterbalance to the the stigma sometimes attached to poor mental health and mental illness.




Mayor’s Holiday Special
Corporate Partnership invitation

a PowerPoint deck designed to engage businesses in supporting this successful arts marketing program to fulfill both social responsibility and business goals.



Cohen Camps e-blast

With dozens of sleepaway camps in the Northeast, including a wide range of movement-affiliated Jewish camps, this family of New England sumer camps strives to invite new families with new branding that embraces all three of its camps while giving each its own identity.





 Atrium School admissions poster

which features the NLA-developed tagline “Experience Atrium” and a much stronger design and palette than the school had been using to date. The concept of experience became the cornerstone of a branding effort which connected the school’s hands-on approach, its daily culture, and its longevity to a call to-action inviting prospective families to experience the school for themselves.





PlayPumps International Fact Sheet

created by Cause Consulting, to which NLA consults: This water pump was just emerging as a potential clean drinking water solution for sub-Saharan Africa. Our challenge: to make it tangible for prospective international donors with materials powerful enough to help launch a $60 million campaign at the Clinton Global Initiative.